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The developable area has 771.8 ha and is adjacent to CONFINS airport, in the Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Region. The expansion of the current structure of the airport, together with a metropolitan agenda of development of  the North Axis  as the new business center, leverage the opportunity to develop an innovative project based on the concept of aerotropolis.




Belo Horizonte, Brazil


AECOM B+P São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro


The Masterplan is structured by a clear road hierarchy that focuses on the connections with the surroundings and by an open spaces network. It responds to the local characteristics of the site, taking into consideration environmental sensitive areas and proximity to the airport. The proposed districts are set within this structure, each with its own identity and vocation. A mix of land uses most appropriate for each sector create attractive neighborhoods for both future residents and employees.

The plan also sets specific building parameters to create unique experiences and high quality built and open spaces. The street block is considered as a design unit, so the definition of each building height and setback is aligned with the overall block concept To give legibility to the project, the corners close to the main roads were highlighted with tall buildings, creating benchmarks. On the ground floor, active facades and architectural elements entice future street users to walk and enjoy public spaces.

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