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Avenida da Saudade (Saudade Avenue) is a remarkable place in the city of Rio Claro. The abounding foliage of its trees and the space they surround provide a unique ambiance to this street. Yet, its full potential has not been reached due to poor design and a lack of consolidation of the existing built environment.




Rio Claro, Brazil


Vigliecca & Associados team, Gabriela Callejas

Avenida da Saudade

The project brings the opportunity to transform this avenue into a touristic destination: a public space with unique aesthetic values that will play an important role in promoting the (re)development of the entire neighborhood.

Avenida da Saudade would become a reference in the city and in the country, applying unique design strategies and materials. Its new geometry gives priority to people o foot while allowing cars, bikes and pedestrians to share the road with safety, comfort and pleasure.

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