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Considering that  3 million new yorkers don’t have ease of access to fresh food and that 95% of food is transported by trucks in NYC, Get Fresh is a project that wants to promote and support regional agriculture by connecting upstate and Long Island farms with downstate consumers.  It begins the process of revizualizing the process of food distribution, and the possibilities of using existing infrastructure, such as subways and rail lines, to revert the growth of truck usage in the industry.




New York City, USA


Gabriela Callejas, Danila Babko, Fariah Choudhary, Hyung Tae - Israel M – GSAPP, Columbia University

Get Fresh

The intention of this proposal is to enhance the sale and consumption of regionally grown foods by expanding regional distribution and local processing capacity. In addition, Get Fresh wants to increase the number and type of retail food outlets that deviate from the traditional grocery store model by identifying underutilized spaces as “alternative” food markets.

The project also identified the pressing need to establish food production as a priority in New York City for personal, community, or commercial use by the year 2030. Therefore, Get Fresh encourages urban agriculture within the new fresh food makets.

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