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Every year 241.5 Billion gallons of storm-water in NYC goes to waste: the city’s 19th century water collection system mixes sewage and storm water in the same pipes, requiring treatment before it can flush back into our rivers. SWIM - sees storm water as a resource as opposed to waste. It defines a network of fresh water, sewage and open spaces systems that deal with resources locally, while creating new opportunities for communities to access recreation areas and engage with the preservation of water.




New York City, USA


Gabriela Callejas, Alexandra Gonzalez, Kate Cho, Racha Daher – GSAPP, Columbia University

SWIM (4).jpg

Integrating the NYC’s 2030 plan to boost up public recreational spaces from 48% to 90% using water initiatives, and the Bronx, in NYC, would especially benefit from such initiatives. Our impact begins to suggest a transformative component to the site that works as a symbiotic relationship between ecology and economy. Working at different scales, the new injected storm water industry, SWIM, will manufacture, install and maintain all elements needed to aid infiltration, collection and distribution of storm water, as well as provide many jobs at various skill levels.


This  network will also begin to reintroduce the presence of the river to the community as well educate and provide people with awareness of the importance of storm water. The project aims to strengthen the lost relationship between community and the ecology by bringing accessibility to the new river park and also allowing the river to be part of their daily lives.

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